So winter continues to strike back here in Europe (look outside) and we are stoked to have more riders #gettingdown this year….so why not more? Our mid-Winter sale is on now! Only a few models left and of course in limited quantities (all skis are made in limited volumes). ….so the time is NOW to #getdown and enjoy the snow 🙂 (it will also be an epic touring season with the great base here in CH!)

To remind you about why we work for you…..We are focused on doing things differently. Simpler, smarter, leaner. If it doesn’t add value to our products, we don’t do it. We will keep building skis that perform equally well or better than anything else on the market, and we will keep selling them at prices that are 30-60% lower than what the normal companies can do with their normal business models. We will stay #downwithyou and personally answer every email, chat or other inquiry. We will stay personally involved, making products that we take pride in producing, so that you can enjoy skiing them even more.

That’s why we are, and will keep being #downwithyou,#getdown, and a #futureskicompany.