DOWN FAITHFUL! Our skiers, our friends, and the life blood of DOWN.

Per our last post we have been trying to do everything within our control to ensure skis get out you by WK44, which ends today 🙁 Pressing, grinding, and finishing have been running day and night to get you your skis for the upcoming season. Due to multiple factors, as noted before (maybe a small fish and a big pond), our production is a few weeks behind. The good news is that all skis are pressed and now it is just the final touches that need to be completed. Some skis are actually moving to our warehouse right now and we hope to have all skis moving to our warehouses in Italy and CH by this upcoming week. I will personally go to the warehouse in Italy to pack this years skis and make sure everything to perfect this week. As you can see below and on FB we are getting daily updates from our factory and making sure skis get to you. A final confirmation will be posted here and on FB by COB Nov 3rd.

All that being said my dearest apologies for the delay in plan. Last year we were 100% on time…this year with our factories major investment in new equipment, which you will see has a GREAT impact on your skis, timing has been challenging.

Thank you for listening, patience, and contact me direct anytime with questions. We will also keep you updated via our site, FB, and Insta.




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