So this is one of those posts no founder/small business owner ever wants to write. But as part of our core values ( we are always transparent and straightforward with our riders. As we have no shareholders like those big conglomerates … are our shareholders and that is key to our model and continued success. Our skiers, our friends, and the life blood of DOWN.

Over the past few months we have tried everything we can to ensure you were riding a pair of DOWN skis in September. Due to multiple factors our production is a few weeks behind schedule BUT we are totally on schedule to get you your skis shipped in a few weeks verse your presale date. We now have a revised target of WK44 and are totally on target to get you your skis to enjoy a great winter. We are getting daily updates from our factory and making sure skis are perfect. As you can see we are making skis daily and the BEST skis for you!

All that being said my dearest apologies for the delay in plan. Changes are inevitable and not always controllable. What can be controlled is how you manage, react to, and work through the change process and we are trying our best daily for your are shareholders.

Thank you for listening, patience, and contact me direct anytime with questions. We will also keep you updated via our site, FB, and Insta.