DOWN FAITHFUL! Our skiers, our friends, and the life blood of DOWN.

So over the past two weeks I have personally (Mr. Black Thumb) been at the factory pressing and finishing skis. Everything looks great and I know you will be impressed with the changes we made this year to the DOWN lineup.thumbs-up


Pressing, grinding, and finishing have been running day and night to get you your skis for the upcoming season. All CD and LD series are completed and TD and SD are past pressing. We are finishing up the skis now and all pre-sale skis will be packed and moving on October 14th. Mark the date as we will post live updates on FB and Insta as myself and Marco pack the skis :) bag

All that being said my dearest apologies for the delay in plan. This year with our NEW factory and major investment in new equipment, which you will see has a GREAT impact on your skis, timing has been challenging but we are VERY excited about what we have produced and the future. 

cut-outThank you for listening, patience, and contact me direct anytime with questions. We will also keep you updated via our site, FB, and Insta.