First off, thank you everyone for the great support of the annual pre-sale. The response has been tremendous and I look forward to getting more people on our skis this year. The pre-sale ends in a few weeks so if you have not already checked out the new line-up do so today and of course contact us if you have any questions (Direct to owner: Simen or Geo (at)  If you have not already please share with a friend and spread the good DOWN word.

As a countdown to our pre-sale we posted on Facebook 10 reason on why to “GET DOWN” and one of my favorites is #9 because it really speaks to what you contribute to DOWN (our skiers=shareholders) and how we return that in great value, especially during our pre-sale. Below is the post…..

Thanks again for the support,


Reason #9: We listen to you…our skiers and friends: 

So we get it….we don’t have the R+D departments those big conglomerates have….but what we do have is a network of passionate skiers that ride our skis and give us feedback almost daily. Every condition. Every style. Every ski. We listen and make adjustments every year. This feedback directly drives the changes to our skis. For 14/15 you will see changes to the line-up that directly correlate to your feedback. Were you that skier that said “Make the CD Carbon 7 with a flat tail and camber..that would be a great all around daily driver!”????

The pic of the day is the CountDown 110 with NEW flat ABS tail, low camber (straight from your feedback), new topsheet, new layup, and over all a ski that you helped design.