First I would like to thank all the people that have already supported us through our pre-sale. The response has been tremendous and we are close to reaching our sell out point on a few skis. The skis look amazing and I am super stoked to offer you such high quality, handmade skis at a great price.

As you know our motto this year is get GET MORE, GET SMART, and GET DOWN! I just wanted to share the “MORE” that you have added which actually ends up saving YOU money by spreading the DOWN word 🙂 These posts added by YOU supporting the whole concept of DOWN…so please keep sharing!

In SE: and

In DE:

In FR:

In NL:

In the UK:

(and more)

..and of course the reviews:

In the US: and

In DE: and

In SE:

(More HERE)


As for the SMART you can see that in the many improvements we have made for 13/14 above our already high quality handmade construction.

New Semi Cap Sidewall and 2.5 Extra Thick Edges features on the CDC0 and CDC3/CD3:

CDC0 Semi-Cap and 2.5MM Edge







New Topsheets:

CDC0 Topsheet Variables








New Elliptical Rockers:









Carbon Construction:

CDC3 Tip Carbon





..and of course our direct from factory model and direct to owner customer service:

Factory Direct




All that being said I am very excited about the upcoming season and seeing more people on DOWN!


-Geo- Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH)