Tobi Schnorpfeil enjoying some new year´s pow on his pair of Down CountDown 0´s.

Hi and welcome to 2015, we hope you´ve all had a great start to the new year, with lots of skiing and lots of snow.

As you may have noted, our web shop has been taken down for a while, so making new orders has not been possible. We´re currently taking inventory of what skis we have left, and we´re awaiting some more stock shortly. We will be open for orders by the 12th of January, so please, be patient until then. Some models are already sold out, and the remaining models are available only in limited numbers.

We also want to congratulate Tobi Schnorpfeil with winning some Down t-shirts and being entered to win a pair of 15/16 skis as the 2nd winner so far. Thanks for all the amazing pics you keep sharing with us, and remember to keep tagging them with #win and #downskis if you want to win your pick from next years lineup.

Happy New Year!