First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE!

As all those “big” ski companies are spending your money at ISPO we here at DOWN are passing the savings of a “direct to skier model” on to you! All models, expect sold out ones, are on sale now! Carbon skis for less than 400E? Yes we can do that for our skier as we cut out unneeded marketing and bullsh++ to give you MORE!

Skis are all in stock and ship in less than 2 days from our warehouse. Winter is just getting started so GET DOWN TODAY!

We have also found a few pairs of “2nds” in our warehouse that have some small cosmetic defects (small scratches, etc) but are great skis at a great price:


TD89! (3 pairs)

TD125! (3 pairs)


LD102-179CM (3 pairs)

LD102-186! (5 pairs)

LD90 (Special: email me [email protected])


CD 114! (3 pairs)

CD104!-(4 pairs)

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime ([email protected]) with questions and more to come soon on 18/19 🙂