Just a quick update.

The first batches of the new, crowdfunded lengths have just been shipped. The CountDown 114 182cm and the CountDown 104 187cm would not have been possible to realize without your support, so thanks a lot/vielen dank/merci beaucoup/muchas gracias/tusen takk!

Next up is the CountDown 114 196cm, which we are putting into production as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

If you’re looking for other lengths/models, send us an email or tell us on Facebook/Instagram. We’re always listening and looking for new ideas, and your input is what we appreciate the most.

Finally, enjoy the holidays coming up, hope for snow and have a great time with family and friends!

– Gregor, Marco and Simen


A selfie from Down customer, @bcadeilhan shared with us on Instagram. Thanks!