For 13/14 our mantra is “Get More, Get Smart, Get Down.” This mantra led our journey this year and continues to drive us towards our mission to ” To create originally designed high quality skis without compromising our drive to deliver value to our skiers.”

Get More: This is simple. Get more for your money with high quality materials, unique designs, and direct to owner customer service. Most large ski companies have to put their shareholders livelihood first. At DOWN, we don’t have corporate shareholders. Instead, we put our skiers first and strive to deliver them the best value.

Get Smart: Recently, some of the direct-to-skier companies have had poor quality track records or simply poor business management. Knowing this, we work with our skiers and new customers to change this misconception and share our knowledge from the inside of the industry. All our skis are made in the EU and even share the same factory with larger companies that charge much more for their skis. Most of the materials are almost identical between our skis and competition (Ex. Full Ash/Poplar wood cores, carbon and fiberglass layers, ISOsport topsheets and bases, etc,) We have leveled the playing field by eliminating non-essential costs. If it does not deliver value to our skiers we don’t do it. The money we save goes directly to reducing prices on our skis.

Get Down: We are DOWN with you. We are a customer driven company. We listen, learn, review and then revisit. We are nothing without our skiers who continue to give us feedback. Each customer is a part of the evolution of DOWN. We want you to be a part of what a future ski company can look like.

We have designed the 13/14 line-up with you in mind and changed a great deal of things directly from your feedback. What we haven’t changed is our design concept, time-tested sandwich construction, handmade quality, factory direct model, and direct to owner customer service. All that being said, thank you again for the support and I look forward to seeing you on a pair of DOWNs this winter. As always, contact us anytime with questions or comments. Founders- ([email protected] or ([email protected]). We are here to help.

Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH)
Returning customers please mail us ([email protected]) for 10% off our pre-sale prices. We will also be posting frequently about our ski changes for 13/14 here at and at Check back frequently and please share with a friend.

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