Less than 2 weeks left to GET DOWN with the best prices of the year! 30%+ off all skis via our Annual Pre-Sale!

As you know over the past decade the go-to-market strategy has changed drastically especially in the retail sector. We here at DOWN have embraced that change and are a direct to skier model. We feel we are the future of ski companies….low overhead, direct distribution model, and drive to deliver high value to our customers. Our model delivers the same high quality as those “big” conglomerates at 30-50% off their retail prices. How do we do this? Very simple. We cut out multiple levels of distribution along with MANY unneeded, non-value-added elements in running a business. All this money then is returned to investing in making great skis at a great value.


In the end it is about our skiers and that is priority #1 for DOWN.

Thank you as always for the support and please share, talk, chat, tweet, and generally spread the word about DOWN.

All the best and here’s to a great 15/16 season!

Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH