While the mountains here in Switzerland still have some snow left most of us are out enjoying the warm weather…..but even with the changing seasons we have been hard at work finalizing all the new improvements for 16/17 to the already award winning DOWN line up from 15/16. You will notice BIG changes that come directly from your feedback and input. We have upgraded the total line-up improving materials, designs, and profiles. I know you will be very excited by the changes.


Over the next few days we will start to release the 16/17 lineup and on July 15th we will start our pre-sale for a limited time. Just like last year they will be the best prices of the year…..to make sure you keep up on what is going on in the world of DOWN please:

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Note all these are free and lets us communicate with you (and other skiers) better and for less money than traditional advertising…which we return to you in less expensive and better skis that you can enjoy (our goal) 🙂

Last but not least……I cannot thank all the DOWN skiers for the support in 15/16. You have let us continue another year on our mission of creating the best quality and value skis in the industry.

All the best and keep spreading the DOWN word,

Geo, Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH)