Over the past few months we have continued to tweak out business model to ensure we stay true to our roots, core values, and mission “to create originally designed high quality skis without compromising our drive to deliver value to our partner dealers and our skiers” What continues to be very clear is that you, the skier, are our dealers….our support…our shareholder. We are 100% direct and 95% user marketed. You have spread the good word about our quality, our design, and our direct to owner customer service. Even with bumps in the road you have continued to share content on Facebook, sent us great pics and mails, and skied great pow and lines with us. We are thankful and appreciative for the support. We continue to improve daily and that is for you….the skier.

I visited ISPO (where we did not have a booth as we are 100% direct) but we were there to meet with suppliers to give you something new for 13/14. After walking around the 200,000 Euro displays and booths of the “big ski companies” I felt this was all wrong. Why are you the skier paying for this? I understand the business model and I am thankful that these companies have paved the way and continue to expand the markets….but why are you paying for this? We need to evolve the model. We need to bring this back to its roots. DOWN is trying with how we design, distribute, and create skis for you.

As we have no shareholder and only our skiers we are now running a sale to expand, spread, and give back. All skis are 200E off for a limited time. This is an investment in our business and future which is YOU! We only have a few skis left so quantities are limited…..speaking of limited we are launching a new ski for 13/14 (and more)….the COUNTDOWN 7. 132-110-128, 22M R, -5 mounting from true center, ~1925g per ski, and like all our carbon skis full poplar/ash cores and 2 layers (not strips) of carbon fiber. We have 25 pairs only for 12/13 so if you are interested in this model contact me direct anytime. (gregor (at) downskis.com) Here is a preview:

All this being said we are hear to listen, help, learn, and provide a great product to you…..our friends, skiers, and shareholder.

Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl