With the first snow of the season here in CH comes the best prices of the year on our new and improved line up.

Like we said in the first post for 12/13 “we are nothing without your support” and that resonates with us daily as we continue this journey with DOWN. We have designed the 12/13 line-up with you in mind and changed a great deal of things directly from your feedback. What we haven’t changed is our design concept, time-tested sandwich construction, handmade quality, and direct to owner customer service. All that being said, thank you again for the support and I look forward to seeing you on a pair of DOWNs this winter. As always, contact us anytime with questions or comments. ([email protected]) We are here to help.
Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH)
Pre-sale prices:
Pricing in Euros:

Additional details HERE and HERE. 

Ordering is direct through the site and you can direct to the SPECS to start now!

We will also be posting frequently about our ski changes for 12/13 here at www.downskis.com and at facebook.com/downfreerideskis. Check back frequently and please share with a friend.