Welcome to DOWN Skis…..THE LAUNCH YEAR.

We are very similar to you. We eat, sleep, and dream about skiing. This infatuation with skiing and what it brings to the lives of so many is at the core of our little company. That little core pumps in the heart of the Alps today designing, creating, and testing unique, original, high quality freeride skis. We started this (ad)venture to not only create freeride skis but to explore what can be done as a small and agile company built on a different platform with a different end-game in mind. The current “industry” model continues to be dominated by large conglomerates distributing and marketing skis through antiquated practices and processes. We thought this could be changed and should change. This drive for change is part of Down’s dogma and we are committed to evolve the way skis are procured, distributed, and supported…and foremost delivering unbelievable value and quality to our shops and skiers.

For our launch year we are releasing 5 unique and original skis that have been tested for the past 3 years and we are extremely excited to release to freeskiers around the world. These skis are exclusively distributed directly through DOWNSKIS.COM. These skis will only be available in limited quantities for 2011/20112. In 12/13 we will be opening limited shops across Europe, the US, and Asia so please contact us to learn more about why DOWN is different. ([email protected]) . Demos will also be floating around your local mountain range so keep a look out and check back at www.downskis.com/demo-skis for updates.

So all that being said we are DOWN with you…our skiers, our friends, our partners, and our families… so contact us anytime: [email protected]