Winter has arrived here in Switzerland and so have all the new 15/16 DOWN skis. Skis are now in stock and ship within 3-5 working days via our trusted partners DHL and Some skis are already running low in stock (CD114M LTD is SOLD OUT!) and many are likely to sell out in the next few weeks (YW8 179…we have 5 skis…for example)

On “Dimanche” (i.e tomorrow/Sunday/December 13th) we will run a sale on some models. We are able to do this early in the winter as our direct model lets us control pricing and give you amazing value. Unlike those big ski companies who would rather see their skis sit and get dusty in ski shops (they don’t care they have their money already) I would rather see people enjoy our products this winter. (and we spend marketing money on YOU instead of banner ads)

Factory Direct


Also, as being a DOWN supporter, you got this mail. We have a few (and I mean a few) super special prices “factory 2nds” on a few models. These are cosmetic defects only! Supply is limited and you can link here to see the great prices. These are 1st come 1st serve. (contact me with questions: geo (at)

As always you have DIRECT TO OWNER customer service here at DOWN so if you have any questions regarding DOWN or our skis we are here to help and try to answer all emails within 1 working day. Also make sure to check out  social media outlets Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date.

Thanks as always for the support!