Two new lengths have been added to the CountDown series through your support on our request page, thanks so much to everyone who´ve made it happen!

The CountDown 104, 187cm and the CountDown 114, 182cm have been permanently added to our lineup, making the CD series available to a larger number of skiers.

We will keep you updated on the production of the new lengths as it happens, and will be shipping them as soon as they are done. Molds are currently being cut, and new materials are being sourced and prepared asap.


We are putting up new lengths for financing regularly, so make sure to check in to to stay updated on new developments, and let us know if you´re missing a specific length on any given model by email, facebook or instagram.

All presale skis are set to be shipped on the 14th of October, and all models are in stock and available for purchase.

We are really stoked on the new skis, and your support of Down as we continue our quest to deliver the best value in the business through our direct, no BS, no unnecessary cost business model. If it doesn´t add value to our product, we won´t do it, so don´t be fooled by our competition at 2-3 times the price. That money does not go into the skis they build, but into marketing, management, corporate ownership and a woefully inefficient supply chain.

As always, contact us direct-to-owner with any questions, simen (at), marco (at), or geo (at)

Winter is coming. Soon.


– Simen, Marco and Geo