So this year we have made a tremendous amount of changes to DOWN especially in our construction and design. We have always been know for making amazing skis at an incredible price, delivering on our mission to “give you more”, especially during our presale but this year we have taken extra measures to ensure you love your new DOWN skis.

So what is new with DOWN?

#1: Improved design: Over the past 5 years we have learned a lot about the industry and what makes a great ski. This year we have added all those elements of learning to create a ski that is not only best in class but also costs you less. We have constructed the new DOWN lineup from the ground up blending those great DOWN characteristics (light, agile, fun) with a new construction that enhances the skis to make it the best DOWN ever. Take for example the new LowDown series. We added more rubber, semi-sandwich construction, and new rocker profile to create something truly original and fun. Combined all these together you get the best LD (YW8/CDL) skis we have produced.




#2: Improved quality: We take this very serious. Every year, as you faithful DOWN owners know, we have always tried to improve quality of the skis. Each year we take steps but this year it’s a BIG one. We are lucky enough to work with one of the best factories in the industry to bring our designs to life. Each ski is handmade with care and focus on exact specifications. A multitude of quality checks ensure you get the best ski possible.







#3: Same price: So this has not changed. Actually material costs have increased while YOUR cost has stayed the same. Why? Because our direct to skier model support this….and you support this….without you DOWN is nothing. Just a dream. A big thanks!

So thank you for the support and hope you enjoy the new lineup. If you were looking for something different there is always the DOWN HOTLINE where you can reach out to us and get DOWN.

All that being said a HUGE thanks for the support and please contact us direct anytime. We are here to help. ([email protected]) and ([email protected])

-G and S