First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE! I wrote the exact thing last year and it still holds true today. You are the reason we do this!!!

So we are lucky enough to have sold out the CD104L-187, CD114L-189, and CD114-189 already. We currently have the following in stock and ready to be shipped to you! Help us sell out again!

CD114-182/196: Less than 8 pairs!

CD104-181/187- 8 pairs.

LD90- 2 pairs.

LD102-179 and 186- Less than 3 pairs.

SD95- Less than 8 pairs.

TD105 (amazing all around ski)- Less than 2 pairs.

……so if you are thinking of GETTING DOWN this winter now is the time. There is a lot of season left (check your local snow report) especially Spring touring where the LD series excel. Use “downwithfree” at check out and you will even get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only.

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime with questions and more to come soon on 19/20 🙂 Please tell a friend as always…they will thank you!