Happy Sunday!

As we told you in our last post DOWN is all about you our skiers…and that continues to drive us daily. We posted 10 reasons on Facebook a few weeks back to remind our skiers why to get DOWN. Below is reason another reason 🙂

We are always improving for YOU:

As we have said before, DOWN is not about us but about YOU…. our skiers. We are not satisfied with “OK”….we want to make the best skis…irrelevant of the cost…delivery value to skiers. This year we continue to evolve and improved our construction/skis on all aspects. From the new locally sourced wood cores, stepped 10 degree sidewalls, and the new polymide textured topsheets we keep looking on ways to improve our skis. Below is a little preview of the new website that gives a little insight into the construction of our skis and why we are making some of the best products in the industry.

All that being said please contact us anytime direct to owner with questions (what ski? why DOWN? etc) and thanks for the support!


PS: Returning customers and industry professionals (guides, etc) get a discount like every year so if you did not get the code drop me a mail TODAY as time is running out (gregor (at) downskis.com)