Merry Christmas from Down

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Just a quick update. The first batches of the new, crowdfunded lengths have just been shipped. The CountDown 114 182cm and the CountDown 104 187cm would not have been possible to realize without your support, so thanks a lot/vielen dank/merci beaucoup/muchas gracias/tusen takk! Next up is the CountDown 114 196cm, which we are putting into… Read more »

Crowdfunding and presale shipping update.

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Two new lengths have been added to the CountDown series through your support on our request page, thanks so much to everyone who´ve made it happen! The CountDown 104, 187cm and the CountDown 114, 182cm have been permanently added to our lineup, making the CD series available to a larger number of skiers. We will keep… Read more »

Stock update! (Edited!)

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    One day later than promised, the following skis are now available for purchase: CountDown 102L (Very limited quantities) CountDown 102 CountDown 107 (Extremely limited quantities) CountDown 110 CountDown 114 (Very limited quantities) ShowDown 115 The ThrowDown 110 and ThrowDown 124 are sold out.   As always, hit us up with any questions you might have…. Read more »

New year, inventory and restocking.

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Hi and welcome to 2015, we hope you´ve all had a great start to the new year, with lots of skiing and lots of snow. As you may have noted, our web shop has been taken down for a while, so making new orders has not been possible. We´re currently taking inventory of what skis… Read more »