Quality Guaranteed / By Our Core Values

DOWN will never downgrade our materials, construction, or quality. DOWN will only use tested and true elements of ski production. Each ski will be handcrafted and produced in Europe.

We will work with our suppliers to review and test new materials, but will always keep the core 3 elements to ensure consistency of quality and skier experience of a DOWN ski.

Core Elements

  • Full Wood Core
  • Sidewall Construction
  • Carbon/Fiberglass

Ski Layup / Activate the Hotspots

Base & Finishing

Our skis go through an extensive in-factory finishing process using only the finest, computer-controlled machines available. All skis are die-cut, base ground and structured to ensure that they're completely flat and fast in all snow conditions, the edges are bevelled and polished to our specifications and all skis are waxed and ready to use from the moment they're delivered to you.


All our skis come with full-wrap steel edges which are set in VDS rubber tape for the best possible adhesion to the woodcore.


Stepped-profile, 10 degree ABS sidewalls with a filleted top edge combine easy tuning, durability and reduced topsheet chipping with the best power transmission. Just one of the many details that make our skis better than ever.

Carbon Layup

All our skis use a combination of carbon and glass fibres. Carbon provides added snap and reduces the overall weight of the skis, glass fibers keep the skis damp and eliminate the overly reactive feel found in pure carbon constructions. Our carbon laminates are all new this season, with a non-crimp triaxial sheet taking the place of the normal twill fabric found in most carbon applications. Carbon laminates increase the flex life of your skis significantly through greatly reduced fiber fracture and fiber-matrix debonding, which is how most skis lose their pop and life. Our skis are not just lighter and of better value, they also greatly outlast the competition, providing you with a solid, dependable and fully performing ride for years to come.

Fibreglass Layup

All our skis come with fiberglass reinforcement plates under the binding area, providing you with a secure connection in a smoothly flexing ski.

Vibration Dampening

Our edges are set in VDS rubber tape. This tape helps to bond the edge with other laminates in the ski's construction and provide an effective damper for unwanted vibrations, keeping our skis' performance smooth and consistent.


We use wood cores in all our skis. The properties of wood are unmatched for this application by any synthetic material. We use a combination of ash and poplar in most of our skis, which strikes the balance between light weight and high performance perfectly. Our lightest skis in the YW8-series are built with a full paulownia core, which reduces the skis weight significantly while keeping performance on the highest level.


We use only the highest quality structured polyamide top sheets. Polyamide is unmatched when it comes to strength, durability and aesthetic appeal. The topsheet structure serves to further enhance resistance to wear and reduces the tendency of snow getting stuck on the topsheet in wet conditions.

Shaping / Long Radius Concept (LRC)

This unique shaping philosophy is incorporated into our touring and big mountain skis.

What is LRC?

LRC is a complex, variable sidecut with a combined, average radius of 41m. The tip of the ski has a radial sidecut, while the underfoot section and tail are elliptical. The sidecut numbers are 29m in the tip, 55m underfoot and 35m in the tail, as measured independently by Fri Flyt magazine. LRC is combined with our freeride rocker profile to deliver the ultimate in stability, predictability and ease of use in all off-piste snow conditions.


When skiing in difficult conditions or far from the beaten track, having a predictable and dependable ski should be on the top of your list. A long turning radius make the skis much more stable and predictable across all types of snow you may encounter. The minimal amount of shape (difference between waist width and tip/tail width) and low angle of attack between the snow and the ski means that the skis never hook, grab or dig into the snow, which is a common problem with short radius skis.

Benefits to lightweight performance

In skis with lightweight constructions, having a long turn radius limits the tradeoff in stability that comes with the low weight and help making the skis behave better in difficult snow conditions. For this reason, all our super lightweight skis incorporate LRC.

Powder performance

In powder, you’re not skiing on the sidecut of the ski, but relying on bending the ski into the desired turn shape or simply sliding your turns. LRC means your tip and tail never hang or hook in the snow, deliver an infinite number of available turn shapes and make your skis extremely predictable and well behaved, even at irresponsibly high speed.

Big mountain skiing

In big mountain skiing, stability and predictability at high speed reigns supreme and LRC is naturally integrated into our SD105, which is our top-of-the-line offering for full-throttle skiing.

Technology / Building better skis

Full Sandwich Construction

10 Degree ABS Sidewalls

360° 2.3mm/1.9mm Edges

ISO 7200 Die Cut Bases

Poplar/Ash Core

Super Light Paulownia Core

Vibration Dampening System

Continuous Elliptical Rocker

Carbon Layer

Rolled Topsheets

Non-Crimp Carbon

Triaxial Fibreglass

Metal Layer

Metal Tail Protectors

Flax Unidirectional Layer