Countdown 3- Big-MTN

Topsheet Base

Tech Sheet


Ski Length 190cm
Ski Type Low Twin Tip
Sidecut 135-115-122
Sidecut Length 1250mm
Radius Progressive, 29m in the tip, 55m under foot and 35m in the tail, 41m average
Recommended Mount -8 to -11cm
Camber & Rocker Continuous Elliptical Rocker, combining the best features of flat camber and reverse camber with a full edge contact on hard snow
Weight Per Pair 4600
Layup Triax & Light Triax w/ Full-Length Carbon Stringer and extra rubber

MAJOR UPDATE for 13/14: 3 is not the hard way!

A "Fun charging ski" is not an oxymoron anymore. The "3" (the original fun charger) is our big mountain model that loves all types of terrain. A unique combination of serious and fun is achieved by combining a tip and tail rockered profile with a directional, big-mountain shape. Charge that open face then slarve through the trees and bomb the piste back to the lift. This ski does it all with ease.

For 13/14 we updated the rocker profile with our Continuous Elliptical Rocker concept as well as the topsheet material to be more resistant to scratching and incorporated what we call a semi-sidewall-cap which further enhances durability.

Our unique, progressive sidecut shaping with a 29m radius in the tip and an elliptical tail achieves a remarkable combination of stability and easy turn initiation. Short straight sections in the tip and tail and medium-stiff flex make for a very responsive, yet stable ride, providing lift and support without hooking.

Full Sandwich Construction
10 Degree ABS Sidewalls
360 Degree 1.8mm Edges
ISO 7200 Die Cut Bases
Vertically Laminated Poplar / Ash Core
Rubber Tape Dampening
Screenprinted Topsheet
Tip & Tail Rocker
Continuous Elliptical Rocker
Rolled Topsheet
Low Tail
Carbon Stringers
Light Triaxial Fibreglass
Triaxial Fibreglass
Photo: Marius Schwager