Stock update! (Edited!)



A colour-coordinated set of FKS 185 and CountDown 110 from linkan110 on Instagram


One day later than promised, the following skis are now available for purchase:

CountDown 102L (Very limited quantities)

CountDown 102

CountDown 107 (Extremely limited quantities)

CountDown 110

CountDown 114 (Very limited quantities)

ShowDown 115

The ThrowDown 110 and ThrowDown 124 are sold out.


As always, hit us up with any questions you might have. simen (at)

– Simen


  1. Hello

    Do you have the countdown 107 on stock?

  2. Hi Lukas.

    The CountDown 107 is now in stocck.


  3. Hi, I’d be interested in a pair of 110.
    But the order form only shows european countries…
    Do you ship to Canada?

  4. Hi Pierre!

    We are dependent on larger orders when shipping overseas. Normally, at least one shipment goes to Canada during our annual presale in early autumn.

    Needless to say, we’d love to get you on a pair of our skis, so we hope that the presale is a possible option for you.


  5. can you email me info on how to order for presale please?

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