HAPPY JANUARY 2ND! Factory 2nd skis on SALE now!

So it has been 5 crazy years since DOWN first launched the CD series and 2015 was the best ever! We cannot thank you enough for the great support and love over the time. You, our real shareholders, are the core of our little company. We never forget that and it is the core of why we do this.

We have evolved from a lineup of 3 skis to a lineup this year of over 12 different skis utilizing flax, carbon, and metal creating the best DOWN lineup ever. Over that time we also continued to deliver our core values to you, daily, creating a future ski company that is helping to define the direct to skier model. To this point I was just at our warehouse (working 365 for you) and found a few pairs of factory 2nd skis that have cosmetic defects (only) and are 100% great skis at a great value..always. On January 2nd we release those skis for you. Ever want a full carbon hybrid skis for less than 300E? Check here 🙂 (use the paging function to see the skis and if you don’t find the one you want drop me an email anytime at [email protected])

All that being said here is to a great 2016 and winter! Did I tell you it is snowing 😉 (#winterisHERE!)

Happy New Year-G



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  1. Hi Geo,

    I ordered a pair of Countdown 110’s on December 29th, my order number is #3886. I received a confirmation email but have not been sent any shipping/tracking information. Do you know if my order has been shipped yet and if so is it possible to track it please?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!


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