Almost sold out: Factory 2nd sale on now!…16/17?

First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE!

So we are lucky enough, like the past 4 years, to have sold out of ALL LTD, CD series, YW8 179/1786. There are still a few TD Series and YW8 89 around and if you are thinking about GETTING DOWN this winter/spring now is the time. There is a lot of season left especially Spring touring where the 89 excel. Use “downwithfree” at check out and you will even get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only.

We have also found a few pairs of “2nds” in our warehouse that have some small cosmetic defects (small scratches, etc) but are great skis at a great price:



All that being said (as always) contact us anytime with questions and more to come soon on 16/17 🙂



  1. I know that this might be a longshot, but you don’t happen to have any of the prebious throwdown 110’s still knocking around do you? The one’s in Orange. Still may well be pulling the trigger on this years model in the sale, just prefer the previous graphics. Possibly going to put some Atomic Trackers on them and use them for extended side country excursions rather than full day touring, down here in the pyrenees, thoughts as to suitability??

    Many thanks

    Peter Darley

  2. Hi Peter!

    Sorry, but there are no 14/15´s left.

    The 110´s do make for an excellent playful allround ski, with trackers and skins they will do a great job everywhere!


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