6…5…4…3…2…1…… SOLD OUT!!!

All skis are now SOLD OUT! (OK maybe a few random pairs floating around including a few special 7s :)..but a BIG THANK YOU to all the skiers that supported DOWN over the past 2+ years. As we have no shareholders like those big conglomerates …..you are our shareholders and that is key to our direct model and continued success. Our skiers, our friends, and the life blood of DOWN.

For 13/14 we have a ton of cool things coming so if you have not already please sign up for our mailing list (http://www.downskis.com/contact-us) and join us over on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/downfreerideskis) for info on our new lineup, special deals, and of course to be first in line for the 13/14 pre-sale which gives you access to the best prices of the year on full carbon (and now metal) skis šŸ™‚

All that being said thank you again for the support and we look forward to more skiers enjoying our skis in years to come.

(gregor (at) downskis.com)

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