March 2, 2017

ALMOST SOLD OUT (again v4.0)! Thanks for the support

First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE! I wrote the exact thing last year on Feb 29th and it still holds true today. You are the reason we do this!!!

So we are lucky enough to have sold out the CD104-187, CD1114-182, and SD105 already. We currently have the following in stock and ready to be shipped to you! Help us sell out again!

CD114-189: Less than 5 pairs!

CD104-181- 5 pairs.

LD90- Less than 10 pairs.

LD102-179 and 186- Less than 20 pairs.

SD95- Less than 5 pairs.

TD125- Less than 15 pairs.

TD105 (amazing all around ski)- Less than 15 pairs.

TD89 (Only 249E) – Less than 15 pairs.

……so if you are thinking of GETTING DOWN this winter now is the time. There is a lot of season left (check your local snow report) especially Spring touring where the LD series excel. Use “downwithfree” at check out and you will even get FREE SHIPPING for a limited time only.

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime with questions and more to come soon on 17/18 🙂 Please tell a friend as always…they will thank you!



February 5, 2017

GET DOWN TODAY! Mid Season Sale and Factory 2nds

First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE!

As all those “big” ski companies are spending your money at ISPO we here at DOWN are passing the savings of a “direct to skier model” on to you! All models, expect sold out ones, are on sale NOW. Carbon skis for less than 400E? Yes we can do that for our skier as we cut out unneeded marketing and bullsh++ to give you MORE!

Skis are all in stock and ship in less than 2 days from our warehouse. Winter is just getting started so GET DOWN TODAY!

We have also found a few pairs of “2nds” in our warehouse that have some small cosmetic defects (small scratches, etc) but are great skis at a great price:



TD89! (3 pairs)


LD102- 186CM (4 pairs only!)

LD102-179CM (3 pairs)

LD90! (5 pairs)


CD 114-182CM (3 pairs)

CD114-189CM (Best Seller) -(4 pairs)

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime with questions and more to come soon on 16/17 🙂


December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas from Down

Just a quick update.

The first batches of the new, crowdfunded lengths have just been shipped. The CountDown 114 182cm and the CountDown 104 187cm would not have been possible to realize without your support, so thanks a lot/vielen dank/merci beaucoup/muchas gracias/tusen takk!

Next up is the CountDown 114 196cm, which we are putting into production as soon as possible. We will keep you updated.

If you’re looking for other lengths/models, send us an email or tell us on Facebook/Instagram. We’re always listening and looking for new ideas, and your input is what we appreciate the most.

Finally, enjoy the holidays coming up, hope for snow and have a great time with family and friends!

– Gregor, Marco and Simen


A selfie from Down customer, @bcadeilhan shared with us on Instagram. Thanks!

November 24, 2016

Carbon Friday V3!

So tomorrow is the infamous Black Friday….Carbon Friday to us here at DOWN. As our large corporate ski conglomerate friends help advertise this day we thought we would leverage that free advertising/frenzy (part of our mantra to spend more on you instead of advertising) and offer you some deals. These will be very limited throughout the day so keep checking for great deals.

Enjoy and thanks again for the support of our small company.

Happy Carbon Friday!!



PS: As always any issues contact me direct at geo(at)

October 12, 2016

Crowdfunding and presale shipping update.

Two new lengths have been added to the CountDown series through your support on our request page, thanks so much to everyone who´ve made it happen!

The CountDown 104, 187cm and the CountDown 114, 182cm have been permanently added to our lineup, making the CD series available to a larger number of skiers.

We will keep you updated on the production of the new lengths as it happens, and will be shipping them as soon as they are done. Molds are currently being cut, and new materials are being sourced and prepared asap.


We are putting up new lengths for financing regularly, so make sure to check in to to stay updated on new developments, and let us know if you´re missing a specific length on any given model by email, facebook or instagram.

All presale skis are set to be shipped on the 14th of October, and all models are in stock and available for purchase.

We are really stoked on the new skis, and your support of Down as we continue our quest to deliver the best value in the business through our direct, no BS, no unnecessary cost business model. If it doesn´t add value to our product, we won´t do it, so don´t be fooled by our competition at 2-3 times the price. That money does not go into the skis they build, but into marketing, management, corporate ownership and a woefully inefficient supply chain.

As always, contact us direct-to-owner with any questions, simen (at), marco (at), or geo (at)

Winter is coming. Soon.


– Simen, Marco and Geo