February 12, 2018

MID-SEASON SALE: Great deals and some unbelievable prices. Models already SOLD OUT!

First I would like to start out by thanking all the supporters of DOWN. We could not do it without you and continue our mission to GIVE YOU MORE!

As all those “big” ski companies are spending your money at ISPO we here at DOWN are passing the savings of a “direct to skier model” on to you! All models, expect sold out ones, are on sale now! Carbon skis for less than 400E? Yes we can do that for our skier as we cut out unneeded marketing and bullsh++ to give you MORE!

Skis are all in stock and ship in less than 2 days from our warehouse. Winter is just getting started so GET DOWN TODAY!

We have also found a few pairs of “2nds” in our warehouse that have some small cosmetic defects (small scratches, etc) but are great skis at a great price:


TD89! (3 pairs)

TD125! (3 pairs)


LD102-179CM (3 pairs)

LD102-186! (5 pairs)

LD90 (Special: email me [email protected])


CD 114! (3 pairs)

CD104!-(4 pairs)

All that being said (as always) contact us anytime ([email protected]) with questions and more to come soon on 18/19 🙂


October 29, 2017

DOWN SKIS: October Production Update

Production update: As the DOWN faithful know we are always working to keep our production dates and get you the best ski for the best value in the industry. We are working day and night and the 1st lot of skis will ship the end of this week only a few days past target. All customers ordering the following will have these skis/skins/bindings shipped by the end of the week and receive a DHL tracking less than a few days after:

LD Series

The remainder of the sizes/models will ship 2 weeks after. We are super sorry for the minor delay and if you have any questions I am personally here to help (geo (at)

Thank you again for the love and support!

Happy Sunday,


September 12, 2017

The CountDown Begins: Our 7th Annual Pre-Sale Ends September 15th.

ONLY 3 Days Left!

Some people have asked us about the conditions of the pre-sale….they are HERE. Other FAQs are…”When will skis ship?”…before October 31st and skis are already in production 🙂 …..”Do the prices include VAT in the EU?”. Yes all prices include EU and CH VAT 🙂 …also “What has change for 17/18?”..that takes a little longer.

As you´ve seen, we´ve kept the lineup clean, making it easier to understand by splitting the skis into 4 different lines, like last year. We posted this before but it helps easily defining the line-up and changes for 17/18.

Each ski is handmade in the EU by our partner factory that has over 30+ years of experience producing top quality skis for not only DOWN but some of the industries highest regard brands. In addition we have improved our carbon layups this year by combing rubber, flax, and non-crimp carbon to make the skis damper while keeping the skis light, lively, and fun. Add on new industry leading IsoSport (ICP8201brushed) topsheets and handcrafted alu tail protectors you are getting an amazing ski at an amazing value…we would say the best price to performance ratio in the industry!

The CountDown-series is our freeride/all mtn lineup. This one is an award winner and the CD114 is the ski of FWT rider Mickael Bimboes. All skis in the Countdown series have our hybridflax/carbon fiber combo and ash/poplar cores and brushes tophsheets. Did your friends rave about our 16/17 CD lineup?….17/18 is even better.

The ThrowDown series is our freestyle line of skis, with the most playful rocker profiles, more symmetrical flex patterns and full twintips. The skis in the Throwdown series have softer glass layup and quad carbon stinger layup making them more forgiving and still light. We heard you and introduced a full sidewall construction, PU sidewall materials (more durable), and new heavy duty gloss topsheets (less chipping, longer lasting). Each ski was designed with our teams input and can be used from park to pow…and of course and 1 of it’s kind topsheet 🙂

The LowDown series is our premier free-touring and mountaineering ski series. A hardwood core, our hybridflax/carbon fiber layup, sandwich construction, 1.9mm edges, and full race bases The shaping is our LRC concept giving you a “full-on”big-mountain shape and “full-on” freeride constuction in a lightweight package…and yeah at 50% off the cost of our “big conglomerate” friends. We reduced a little weight this year (direct from your feedback) to make the ski more balanced and better on the down.

The ShowDown Series are all the skis direct from YOUR feedback. The SD95 is our piste/all mtn metal ski what rips hardpack and can be used all day every day. The SD105 is truly one of it’s kind. BIG, BAD, and 202CM in length. These are both limited edition so they will be sold out by winter.

All that being said thank you for the support and let us know if you have any questions..we are here to help (direct owner customer service as always-([email protected] and [email protected]) Winter is coming and thanks for GETTING DOWN! -Geo and Simen

PS: Share with a friend. They will thank you this winter!…also if you did not find what you wanted check out the DOWN HOTLINE today. Skis produced direct from your feedback.

Winter is coming and thanks for GETTING DOWN!

-Geo, Simen, and Marco

August 31, 2017


For 17/18 our mantra continues to be “Get More, Get Smart, Get Down.” This mantra led our journey last year and continues to drive us towards our mission to ” To create originally designed high quality skis without compromising our drive to deliver value to our skiers.”

Last year we said around the same time:

Get More: This is simple. Get more for your money with high quality materials, unique designs, and direct to owner customer service. Most large ski companies have to put their shareholders livelihood first. At DOWN, we don’t have corporate shareholders. Instead, we put our skiers first and strive to deliver them the best value.

Get Smart: Recently, some of the direct-to-skier companies have had poor quality track records or simply poor business management. Knowing this, we work with our skiers and new customers to change this misconception and share our knowledge from the inside of the industry. All our skis are made in the EU and even share the same factory with larger companies that charge much more for their skis. Some of the materials are almost identical between our skis and competition (Ex. Full Ash/Poplar wood cores, carbon, and fiberglass layers, ISOsport topsheets and bases, etc,) We have leveled the playing field by eliminating non-essential costs. If it does not deliver value to our skiers we don’t do it. The money we save goes directly to reducing prices on our skis.

Get Down: We are DOWN with you. We are a customer driven company. We listen, learn, review and then revisit. We are nothing without our skiers who continue to give us feedback. Each customer is a part of the evolution of DOWN. We want you to be a part of what a future ski company can look like.

At the start of 17/18 I think we delivered on our mantra again in 16/17 with a few hiccups that are fixed and dramatically improved and we are stoked to bring you better skis every year. We continued to update the lineup and have designed series with you in mind and changed a great deal of things directly from your feedback. What we haven’t changed is our design concept, high end materials (flax, carbon,titanal, Isosport topsheet), time-tested sandwich construction, handmade quality, factory direct model, and direct to owner customer service. All that being said, thank you again for the support and we look forward to seeing you on a pair of DOWNs this winter. As always, contact us anytime with questions or comments. Founders- ([email protected]) or ([email protected]) or ([email protected]). We are here to help. All the details on the presale are HERE!

PS: If you are returning customer and did not get our other email with your 10% off code please contact me direct a [email protected] before ordering 🙂

August 18, 2017


While the mountains here in Switzerland still have some snow (after a little summer storm) most of you are out enjoying the warm weather…..but even with the changing seasons we have been hard at work finalizing all the new improvements for 17/18 to the already award winning DOWN line up from 16/17. You will notice more BIG changes that come directly from your feedback and input. (and Request Line inputs)

We have upgraded the total line-up (again) improving materials, designs, and profiles. I know you will be very excited by the changes and I am personally stoked to get you DOWN this year. I believe our direct to skier model (for the past 6+ years) and amazing ski quality will ensure you are DOWN convert forever 🙂 Skis are already in production and will be delivered no later than November 1st.

Over the next few days we will start to release the 17/18 lineup and on September 1st (mark your calendars) we will start our pre-sale for a limited time. Just like last year they will be the best prices of the year… make sure you keep up on what is going on in the world of DOWN please:

1) Join our mailing list.

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Note all these are free and lets us communicate with you (and other skiers) better and for less money than traditional advertising…which we return to you in less expensive and better skis that you can enjoy (our goal) 🙂

Last but not least……I cannot thank all the DOWN skiers for the support in 16/17. You have let us continue another year on our mission of creating the best quality and value skis in the industry.

All the best and keep spreading the DOWN word,

Geo, Founder, DOWN FREE Sarl (CH)