Team Friends & Family

The DOWN family is a small group of passionate skiers pushing boundaries across the globe.

Including freeride athletes, mountain guides, photographers, scientists, and artists, our diverse team gives us a wide variety of perspectives to draw from when refining existing models and designing new concepts. Construction, design, durability, and aesthetics are all enhanced with the input of our team members.

Lui Hagelstein

Cyril Reygnier

Fredrik Nordqvist

Gaute Foss Morten

Georg Stückler

Lorenzo Rieg

Lea Hartl

Marius Schwager

Sami Lindsberg

Arnaud Lesueur

Jakob Siedersleben

Johan Kristofers

Matthias Lindqvist

Matthias Delueg

Ian Houghton

Quentin Pelmont

Lasse Jekunen