Showdown 115 BIG MTN

Topsheet Base

Big Mountain Rocker

Full reverse elliptical rocker. Because nothing rides quite like a full reverse in soft snow conditions. Fully engaged while on edge, yet super pivoty once you unweigh. Accelerates like nothing else and stays calm at speeds way beyond safety or sanity.

Update for 14/15: A Carbon Big Mtn Ski? Yup!

Like the original CDC3 we are doing something unique and have created a charging big mountain ski that can be used to kill huge lines while giving it the weight reduction to make this a daily driver, even as a touring rig.

A full carbon layup, additional rubber, full wood core, Continuous Elliptical Rocker, straight sections in the tip and tail and our progressive sidecut shaping are combined to make this a ski like no other out there. This year we added a metal tail protector to not only protect your skis but balance the skis overall.

Enough talking....the "SD115" Carbon is the ski you have been missing from your quiver.

Ski Length 190
Ski Type Low Twin Tip
Sidecut 135-115-122
Sidecut Length 1250cm
Radius Progressive, 29m in the tip, 55m under foot and 35m in the tail, 41m average
Recommended Mount -9 from Center
Weight Per Pair 4200g
Layup 2 Full Carbon layers & Light Triax Glass, providing the best combination of lightness and predictability
Full Sandwich Construction
10 Degree ABS Sidewalls
360 Degree 1.8mm Edges
ISO 7200 Die Cut Bases
Rubber Tape Dampening
Screenprinted Topsheet
Tip & Tail Rocker
Continuous Elliptical Rocker
Single Tip
Low Tail
Carbon Layer
Triaxial Fibreglass
Photo: Saul Ferguson