Countdown 102 ALL MTN TOUR

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Topsheet Base

Freeride Rocker

The ultimate in versatility and smoothness, our freeride rocker profile combines camber underfoot with a low rise, elliptical tip and a nearly flat tail. The underfoot camber gives instant edge grip in tricky conditions and the smooth transition into the tip and tail rocker lets you engage the full effective edge on demand for smooth carving. The low rise, elliptical tip provides full snow contact, punches through uneven snow with minimal deflection and keeps you on top of even the deepest, fluffiest powder.

MAJOR UPDATE FOR 14/15: One Quiver Touring!

Completely unique in concept, the 102 is a touring ski with all the benefits of cutting-edge ski shaping, lightweight CARBON construction and a freeride appetite. Based on the same parameters as the SD115, this is a ski that is equally at home charging down open fields of powder, negotiating tight couloirs, slarving through tight trees and climbing thousands of meters any day.

For 14/15 we fully updated the rocker profile with our "Freeride Rocker" profile giving it a flatter tail, our short-low CAMBER, and greater overall effective edge.

Looking for a light-weight, touring friendly ski, utilizing all the available parameters of modern ski shaping in order to make it light, stable, maneuverable, float well and handle a high-speed runout without batting an eye? Then this is the "102" is for you.

Ski Length 179
Ski Type Flat & Square Tail
Sidecut 120-102-107
Sidecut Length 1250mm
Radius Progressive, 29m in the tip, 55m under foot and 35m in the tail, 41m average
Recommended Mount -11CM from Center
Weight Per Pair 3400g
Layup 2 Full Carbon layers & Light Triax Glass, providing the best combination of lightness and predictability
Full Sandwich Construction
10 Degree ABS Sidewalls
ISO 7200 Die Cut Bases
Rubber Tape Dampening
Screenprinted Topsheet
Tip & Tail Rocker
Single Tip
Low Tail
Carbon Layer
Triaxial Fibreglass
Photo: Lorenzo Reig